• Learn your part more efficiently


  • rms-high

    Rune Mathisen

    “-We know that learningtracks works – and this is the Rolls Royce among learning tracks.
    To be able to practice songs while adjusting the level of all the other voices to my liking – finally!
    Clean, intuitive, and it works! (even at the airport)”

    Rune Mathisen
    Associate Professor at The University of Nordland

  • øystein jæger

    Øystein Jæger

    “ChoralPractice is an innovative and exciting tool for amateur choirs on all levels. For us in Bodø Cathedral Choir, who has a comprehensive music programme and frequently performs large scale choral works, often with very limited rehearsal time, is such a practice tool a very useful resource.”

    Øystein Jæger
    Conductor and organist in Bodø Cathedral

  • 506-kopi

    Kjetil Almenning

    “The ChoralPractice service is built on a brilliant idea, and the tool it self is so intuitive and well thought out that it will inspire choral singers all over the world!”

    Kjetil Almenning
    Conductor, singer, organist
    Grammy nominee 2011 and winner of the Eric Ericsson Award in 2009

  • FrankHøgberg

    Fredrik Högberg

    “-In the Music business time is very valuable. You rarely have enough rehearsal time.
    ChoralPractice helps choirs keeping quality at a great level and saves time by providing the smartest and easiest practicing tool ever.”

    Fredrik Högberg
    Composer, Nordic Council Music Award nominee 2014, ph.lic.